9012 Led Headlight Bulbs (Fan cooling)

TUFFPLUS V6 9012 led headlight bulbs provide 200% more brightness for your light driving. This product utilize Multi-chip high flux SMD LEDs,extended the light source to improved beam performance in two aspects: *Better guidance: more light at the edge of the road, wider beam over 30m *More focused: flux on road >1500lm. With perfect beam pattern design, TrueBeam 9012 bulbs has no glare to the opposite road users,no scattered light, no short beam and no dark spots.

  • Power:28W
  • Voltage:9-32V
  • Color Temp:6500K
  • Luminance:5400LM
  • LEDs Junction Temp:<75℃
  • Main Cooling Style:Fan cooling


9012 led headlight bulbs
-Superconducting aluminum PCB +
High Flux LED chips
-Matrix design as halogen bulbs
Perfect light on perfect heat conduction
-Individual adapter can adjust in 360 degree
-Flame-retaradant, Insulated, high
temperature resistance

9012 Led Headlight Bulbs.png
Focus designed according to the ECE standard, but TrueBeam V6 H11 has longer “lighting line” both on low beam
and high beam, this makes a wider beam up to 30m on low beam,with better lighting at the edge of the road,
and also makes the high beam thicker for longer distance lighting.
Flux On Road: Means the efficient light put on road. The HID bulbs light source is a “boll”, a lot of light beem scattered.
But the Tuffplus V6 series bulbs is made under accurate optical design,the efficient of light is much more higher.

9012 Led Headlight Bulbs.png9012 Led Headlight Bulbs.png