9005/9006 Led Headlight Bulbs(Fan cooling)

V6 9005/9006 led headlight bulbs provide 200% more brightness for your light driving. This product utilize Multi-chip high flux SMD LEDs,extended the light source to improved beam performance in two aspects: *Better guidance: more light at the edge of the road, wider beam over 30m *More focused: flux on road >1500lm. With perfect beam pattern design, TrueBeam V6 bulbs has no glare to the opposite road users,no scattered light, no short beam and no dark spots.

  • Power:28W
  • Voltage:9-32V
  • Color Temp:6500K
  • Luminance:5400LM
  • LEDs Junction Temp:<75℃
  • Main Cooling Style:Fan cooling

9005 9006 led headlight bulbs.jpg

9005/9006 led headlight bulbs
-Superconducting aluminum PCB +
High Flux LED chips
-Matrix design as halogen bulbs
Perfect light on perfect heat conduction
-Individual adapter can adjust in 360 degree
-Flame-retaradant, Insulated, high
temperature resistance9005/9006 Led Headlight Bulbs.png

Focus designed according to the ECE standard, but TrueBeam V6 H11 has longer “lighting line” both on low beam
and high beam, this makes a wider beam up to 30m on low beam,with better lighting at the edge of the road,
and also makes the high beam thicker for longer distance lighting.
Flux On Road: Means the efficient light put on road. The HID bulbs light source is a “boll”, a lot of light beem scattered.
But the Tuffplus V6 series bulbs is made under accurate optical design,the efficient of light is much more higher.

9005/9006 Led Headlight Bulbs.png9005/9006 Led Headlight Bulbs.png