We have 9 workshops and 2 laboratories: Die-casting workshop, polishing workshop, CNC workshop, powder coating workshop, LED die bonder & encapsulation workshop, SMT workshop(dust free), LED work lights and light bars assembly workshop, LED conversion kits and rear bulbs assembly workshop(dust free), packaging workshop, We can supply more than 50000pcs led products per month,Year productivity more than 1000000pcs.   

LED Lights Bars | Auto Lights | LED Driving Lights | LED Work Lights

LED Lights Bars | Auto Lights | LED Driving Lights | LED Work LightsTuffPlus Auto Lighting Co, Ltd.

LED Lights Bars | Auto Lights | LED Driving Lights | LED Work Lights

TuffPlus Auto Lighting Co, Ltd.

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Since TUFF PLUS establishment, it has been focusing on product development and quality control, with ten years of independent innovation and development and production experience.At present there are professional car optical r&d engineers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers and so on several dozens of professional r &d team. Now is committed to building OEM&ODM project, Dozens of cases have been successfully developed and put into production,including car headlights, fog lamps, engineering vehicle work light,led light bars for heavy truck...

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Strict Inspection of Raw Materials
For electronic materials we test function according to the specifications of the supplier, including key electronics temperature tests.Tests for the
 other aluminum materials, ensure incoming appearance no burr, lack of material or stain and the overall is in good condition.
Ensure that the dimensions are qualified, and no error is exceeded prescribed limit.

TUFFPLUS auto lighting system.jpgTUFFPLUS auto lighting system.jpgTUFFPLUS auto lighting system.jpg

Process Sampling Test

Sampling test in production process, any quality problems or some factors can lead to quality problems, immediately stop progress, find out the solving measures, make the
next step after eradication.

Repeated Experimental of Finished Products
For the finished product will start voltage test, compression test, the voltage impact test, high and low temperature storage test, high temperature aging test, vibration test, salt
spray test, thermal cycling and thermal shock test, light distribution test, resistance lubricating oil, fuel oil, cleaning fluid test , etc

LED Lights Bars | Auto Lights | LED Driving Lights | LED Work LightsTUFFPLUS auto lighting system.jpgTUFFPLUS auto lighting system.jpg